Universal Acceptance night.TALK

27 March 2017 – Hotel El Andaluz, 10:00 PM

The day is just not long enough! One of the most popular features at WHD.global has become the nightTALKs.

Where Your Next Billion Customers Will Come From

There’s one roadblock that keeps the next billion cloud and hosting companies from beating down your door – and it’s you. Your systems need to be brought up to speed with today’s DNS, which is diverse and multi-lingual.

There’s something called Universal Acceptance (UA), and it’s probably the key to the biggest business opportunity you’re missing. Join us for another classic WHD night.talk, and find out why you should rise to the challenge of becoming UA ready, for the good of your business and the future of the Internet. And yes, cocktails will be served.

Monday, 27 March 2017
10:00pm Panel:
Where Your Next Billion Customers Will Come From

Blake Irving
CEO & Board Director,
Ram Mohan
UASG Chair,
Executive Vice President, CTO, Afilias
Michele Neylon
Rafael Laguna
Paul Mockapetris
Inventor of DNS and SMTP
Christian Dawson
UASG Vice-Chair,
Executive Director, i2Coalition
Lars Steffen
UASG Outreach Co-Coordinator,
Member Services, eco – Association of the Internet industry

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