CENTR and eco Establish Mutual Membership

Taking long-standing collaboration to the next level

During the 57th General Assembly of CENTR, the association of European country code top-level domain name registries, eco was approved as a member with observer status.

Before the election, Thomas Rickert, eco Director Names and Numbers, and Lars Steffen discussed the intended purpose and benefits of the collaboration. In return, eco accepted CENTR’s application to become a supporting member of the association.

“We are looking forward to taking the long-standing informal collaboration between CENTR and eco to the next level,” says Peter van Roste, CENTR’s General Manager. “Both associations share a lot of common ground and joint interests. As eco’s members cover a wide spectrum of the Internet industry, we expect to benefit from new insights and perspectives in our discussions.”

eco’s Thomas Rickert added: “CENTR and eco both have a vital interest in making the domain industry thrive. In addition to raising awareness and outreach, we plan to co-host policy debates and capacity building with key stakeholders.”

54th CENTR Legal & Regulatory Workshop